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OID  ( Original Intelligent Design )

MA1 Bag Collaboration with dp daniel poole london.

Our premier collection of bags were designed and developed by  brothers Daniel and Laurence Poole *

  • Daniel Poole was described by ID magazine as one of the originators of streetwear  in the early 90s and his designs have been worn by popstars/DJ'S and street savvy kids globally.
  • Laurence Poole, the founder of OID  began his passion for creating functional bags during  a previous role as  the Director of Merchandising at  Vans. 

An eclectic mix of design inspirations were gathered  from travelling in key cities including   London,Hong Kong , LA and Hossegor, France, the home of the European action sports industry. The  collection is a fusion of fashion, sportswear and military aesthetic. Designed for the fast, wired, tech savvy urban lifestyle.



The timeless MA-1 Jacket  was was reconstructed  into an innovative collection of bags. Using the "Form Follows Function" design ethic, each bag has a specific purpose.

  • The MA1 backpack is a very unique product design. The Pooles  Aunty Georgina helped hand sew the first sample  from Daniels original design. It took two years to produce this unique bag  and was finally completed when  the patented Impact Protection System was added.
  • The Smart and Punch Pouch side bags are ideal for stashing your smart phone and every day carry items.
  • The 48 Hour is the best carry on compliant travel bag ! Designed following years of International travel. Every compartment has a purpose.
  • The Stowaway. Huge capacity with a unique strap system.
  • The Techno was created from an original dp bag designed in the early 90s that can still be seen in the Victoria& A Museum.
  • The Smuggler.  Fully functional  back pack that converts into a handy bum bag .


MA-1 inspired bags collection

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