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About Us

OID  ( Original Intelligent Design )

At OID it’s always been about product! We strive to push forward and create original, intelligent designs.

Bags are like shoes you can never have enough. Every style  we create has a purpose and in addition to looking great ,must stand the test of time.

Our founder, Laurence,a skateboarder and action sports industry veteran, could not find the right bag to carry a skateboard. Consequently, he decided to make his own, designed for the everyday needs of transporting his skateboard/equipment to a favourite spot or skatepark. Two years of research and development followed ensuring the finest materials were used with sustainable , environmentally friendly production .Every component has been thoroughly tested to ensure our bags function and backed with a guarantee.

At OID we collaborated with professional skateboarders and friends all over the world to develop the best possible bags. We concluded its not always practical to skateboard to your chosen destination.  Sometimes travel by car, train, bike or even walking through a crowded city in the rain /snow is necessary.  In London it rains frequently, and we realised the Everyday skateboard bag had to be waterproof, so we used an MA1 military spec nylon.  In Hong Kong it gets hot, and the streets are crowded so we added a comfort mesh rear panel.  A skateboard covered with rough grip tape is also very destructive to clothes, car seats or whatever it contacts so we lined the bag with a grip tape resistant fabric.  A key feature in all our bags is the high visibility orange lining so you can clearly see any items placed inside.

 At OID we love feedback from our customers. If you have any questions or ideas regarding bags, please contact us at


MA1 Bag Limited Editiom Collaboration with dp .An eclectic mix of design inspirations were gathered  from travelling in key cities including   London,Hong Kong , LA and Hossegor, France, the home of the European action sports industry. The  collection is a fusion of fashion, sportswear and military aesthetic. Designed for the fast, wired, tech savvy urban lifestyle.



The timeless MA-1 Jacket  was was reconstructed  into an innovative collection of bags. Using the "Form Follows Function" design ethic, each bag has a specific purpose.

  • The MA1 backpack is a very unique product design. The Pooles  Aunty Georgina helped hand sew the first sample  from Daniels original design. It took two years to produce this unique bag  and was finally completed when  the patented Impact Protection System was added.
  • The Smart and Punch Pouch side bags are ideal for stashing your smart phone and every day carry items.
  • The 48 Hour is the best carry on compliant travel bag ! Designed following years of International travel. Every compartment has a purpose.
  • The Stowaway. Huge capacity with a unique strap system.
  • The Techno was created from an original dp bag designed in the early 90s that can still be seen in the Victoria& A Museum.
  • The Smuggler.  Fully functional  back pack that converts into a handy bum bag .


MA-1 inspired bags collection

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