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October 01, 2021 1 min read

Everyone has a favourite bag and just like shoes you can never have enough. Our brand ambassadors are passionate about bags and key members of the OID family.  We continually strive to provide the best possible form and function for all of our products.The OID "family" ensure our bags are thoroughly tested to be Original Intelligent Designs.

Our OID " family"  inspire us to create bags that they enjoy using . The feedback they provide is vital , our bags not only look great but they work plus protect valuable tech and equipment.

On August 1 2020 we launched the  Everyday skateboard bag worldwide . This multi functional bag is used regularly by professional skateboarders including 

  • Joe Hinson  
  • George Poole
  • Keet Oldenbeuving 
  • Candy Jacobs 
  • Lawrence Ravail
  • Stefani Nurding
  • Antoine Laurent 

Our family of skateboarders is growing and the reviews received from the Trade press have been fantastic. News of the success of this bag has spread fast  and every week we supply  Everyday bags to skateboarders around the planet.

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